2017-2018 Summer Internships Programme Open

  • 6 September 2017

Get paid to build your research skills and make a difference!

The popular NPM Summer Internship programme is open for submissions once again!

In recent years more than 50 students from across the country have been offered the opportunity to engage with senior academics on projects of national significance and gain real research experience, and money, by working over the summer months as research interns.

This internship programme is designed to provide experience and support for Māori students who are interested in pursuing research.

As an intern you will work under the direction and guidance of a Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga (NPM) Investigator on a research project aligned to the research themes and programme of NPM ... and over the coming summer at least 15 internships are available!

Ideally you will be a Māori pre-doctoral student who is genuinely interested in advancing their skills and capacity in Indigenous research. You could be an upper level undergraduate, a post-graduate, or enrolled in a Master’s programme, and if so this opportunity might be ideal for you.

The Internship Stipend for the 10 weeks of the programme is $5,500 (tax free).

There are 27 projects available for students to select from and your input will be used to match your application for an internship to a summer research project.

Find out more about these internship projects now. Link here to get more information on this fantastic opportunity and to make your submission!

Make sure you apply online before the closing date of 18 October